Starting a Tree Service Business

So you want to start a tree company now what do you want to do that yourself? I’ve been in the business for 40 years never had to make a claim on my insurance for property damage or personal injury by the grace of God. We have had some close calls everything about the tree business is dangerous okay and it’s a dangerous dangerous business but self-employment got its advantages you know you want to take off for a week, and go scuba diving. You do it you want to you know schedule three days next week and stuff working six you do that you want to go home early you go home early. You know then you don’t have a boss lording over you cuz you’re the boss there’s only really one major redeeming quality though for this particular business and that’s the money to be made in this business there’s a lot of money to be made in this business.

How Much Can I Make as A Tree Surgeon

I wanted to do here in this article is just kind of give you an idea that the kind of money you can make in the tree business. So that you can you know seriously look at some jobs that I had going and see okay this is a this is actually jobs that were done. And the money made by the hour, so you can get a real firm real life idea of the kind of money that can be made a lot of that’s going to depend on your business model okay I get a little bit more of that on I mentor people in the tree business you know do you want to buy all the equipment. You know do you want to I just not one major piece of equipment like a you know 80 foot man lips so you don’t have to have a climber do you want to sub everything out right now I’m kind of in the retirement phase I’ve had everything okay you name it I’ve had it but now I operate on my truck with chainsaws of the climber I make some good money at it. I make about 25 percent less than if I have all the equipment but I’ve traded that for time okay in two or three hours I can put you know two days worth of brush on the ground for my subs and I’m back at the house.

Running the Business

You know just pick up the check later. I traded out you know 25 percent more money for time I’ve heard guys say that you need to work for three years with another tree company. Learn the ropes learn the business like the know and you know they’re right that would be the best possible scenario but who wants to wait three years to start a business. When you can make money out of now okay at the business it doesn’t cost much to get into and you can make money right away at it but I did want to give you an idea of how much kind of money you can make in this business now keep in mind that this is time on the job okay this is when I show up the door opens we get out and start work door closes that’s didn’t travel time between jobs couple D jobs as a driver I work with little towns and by the way the big cities are completely different than the little towns. I’ve worked in both they’re two different animals a big cities you know I can have any travel time between jobs this is what I’m going to tell you is the time that I’m on the job hit me at 300 tied up in the climber. 150 tied up into a man just usually slow on the ground $1,000 tied up in a big knuckle boom he had a couple men on the job I had 1450 in expenses my proper was 1,400 I was there five hours of first day seven hours of second day and on these big jobs. I do get stuck on the job you know sometimes all day long smaller jobs are those but I made a little over one hundred and fifteen dollars an hour on that job a little over one hundred and fifteen bucks an hour now that’s not really good money in the tree because if I pay that man the second job here is trim around the house. I had a total of six seventy five hundred dollars tied up in a climber two hundred dollars tied up in a hauler for a total of three hundred expenses kind of profit of 375 there was two hours sitting to do that job. So that was a little over 185 dollars an hour this job here I took down a tall skinny oak for $750. I had $100 tied up in a climber 120 tied up and hauling my profit margin was five hundred and thirty dollars I did that in one hour okay so this was a triple Trump gum and a second gum tree.

I had 300 and a climber 300 and just separate men that they’re just haul brush they don’t handle any equipment they just drag brush we just pile this brush up had one man running the chainsaw total of seven hundred dollars in expenses on a twenty four seventy five total job which is a profit of 1775 so. I got that job done in eight hours so that’s a little over 220 an hour okay this job here I had a gum in the backyard opening front yard totals $1,050. At two that are kind of a climber 250 and Oliver total 450 profit of 600 dollars for two hours at 300 bucks an hour this job right here pecan tree and six hardwoods for 4150 the knuckle boom I had for $1,000 cut man on the ground for 200 a clamor for 300 a total 1,500 I had a profit marking the margin of 20 650 the first day I was there for three and a half hours second day I was there for six hours at the Philip and a half hours at 275 dollars per pound. Okay now keep in mind this is the time I’m on the job I leave it over to my subs and they’re going to be taking a lot longer to do it but I just pay them just a set price you’d be hard-pressed to find a business which you can make more money at because she is cheap to get into if you start making money right now and I get into this more in my website. I’m enter men and starting up tree buses but it’s a good business it’s a money-making business but it is dangerous thanks a lot

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